Laird Bill, God’s True Scholar

A friend loveth at all times, and a brother is born for adversity.  (Proverbs 17:17)

Dr. Bill Cooper (L) with JJSJ (R), by the River Thames (England), A.D.2006


Scholars once showed merit, wielding a quill,

Inkjet text on paper, printers now fill;

As Somerled’s F-25,*

Bill was nobly born alive;

God’s true scholar, he is: my friend, Laird Bill !

[ * Regarding Dr. Cooper’s noble ancestry, see the ancestry chart below, showing his F25 descent from King Somerled[1], the Celtic Church-defending Norse-Manx-Celtic king of the Isles  —  and recall that King Somerled himself was a direct-descendant of Norway’s Viking king Harald Hardrada.]

In other words, Dr. Bill Cooper (Adjunct Professor, Master Faculty of the Institute for Creation Research’s School of Biblical Apologetics, since A.D.2009) is a Viking descendant, and a great23x –grandson of King Somerled:

Somerled, the seminal ancestor of this lineage, begat a son Angus;[2]

F1  Angus (“MacRuari”), Lord of Bute, with wife Ragnhild of the Isles, begat a son James;

F2  James Macrory (or “MacRuari”), with his wife, begat daughter Jean;

F3  Jean MacRory, with husband Alexander, the 4th High Steward, begat a son James;

F4  James, the 5th High Steward, with wife Cecilia of Dunbar, begat a son Walter;

F5  Walter, the 6th High Steward, with wife Marjorie Bruce, begat a son Robert;

F6 Robert II, king of Scotland, with wife Elizabeth Mure, begat a son John, later called “Robert”;

F7 Robert III (originally named John, but renamed “Robert” as a Scottish king), king of Scotland, with wife Annabella Drummond, begat a son James;

F8   James I Stuart, king of Scotland, with wife Joan Beaufort, begat a son, James;

F9   James II Stuart, king of Scotland, with wife Mary of Gueldres, begat a daughter Mary;

F10 Mary Stuart, with husband Lord James Hamilton, begat a daughter Elizabeth;

F11 Elizabeth, with husband Matthew Stuart, Earl of Lennox, begat a daughter Margaret;

F12 Lady Margaret, with husband Alexander Douglas of Mains, begat a son Matthew;

F13 Matthew Douglas, with wife Margaret Buchanan, begat a son Malcolm;

F14   Malcolm Douglas, with wife Janet Cunningham, begat a son Robert;

F15 Sir Robert Douglas, with wife Elizabeth Whalley, begat a daughter Susannah;

F16   Susannah Douglas, with husband Sir Robert Douglas of Blackerston, begat daughter Mary;

F17   Mary Douglas, with husband Joseph Johnston, begat a son Robert;

F18   Robert Johnston, with wife Mary Fulton, begat a daughter Rachel;

F19   Rachel Johnston, with husband Caleb [#1] Buglass, begat a son Caleb [#2];

F20   Caleb [#2] Buglass, with wife Barbara Marshall, begat a son Caleb [#3];

F21   Caleb [#3] Buglass, with wife Jean Robertson, begat a son Caleb [#4];

F22   Caleb [#4] Buglass, with wife Mary Hogg, begat a daughter Annie;

F23   Annie Buglass, with husband William Cooper, begat a son John;

F24   John Cooper, with wife Ivy May Taylor, begat an extraördinary son William (“Bill”);

F25 William (“Bill”) Cooper, by God’s providential grace, arrived safely in England !


[1] In population biology this convention (with F denoting “filial”) is used to denote generational levels: son or daughter = F1; grandson or granddaughter = F2; great-grandson or great granddaughter = F3; etc.; similarly, forbear ancestry is denoted by “P” (as in “parental”) generations, so that P1 = father or mother; P2 = grandfather or grandmother; P3 = great-grandfather or great-grandmother; etc.  Thus, as a F25, Laird William is 25 generations after (“posterior”, as in the word “posterity”) King Somerled.  If the concept of “descent” is used, F25 would be characterized as 25 generations “under” (i.e., descended from).  Thus Laird William is said to be 25 generations “after” (or “descended from”) his P25 ancestor, King Somerled.

[2] It is well-documented that Somerled begat more children through his wife Ragnhild than just Angus. In this listing, however, only the direct “links” in the biogenetic “chain” that connects Somerled to Dr. Bill Cooper are named.


One thought on “Laird Bill, God’s True Scholar

  1. Laird Bill now has his heavenly reward — after many years of health struggles, which he endured sustained by his Redeemer, he is now Home with his Redeemer; Laird Bill fought the good fight (with his dear wife, Eileen, who went Home before him — so now they are rejoined to each other) and has now finished his course (Philippians 3:20; Luke 10:20). Because (like Bill) I too am graciously forgiven by our Redeemer (the Lord Jesus Christ), one day I will enjoy again seeing and being with Laird Bill, in glory.


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