How (and Why) Did I Originate?

Dr. James J. S. Johnson

 This shall be written for the generation to come; and the people who shall be created shall praise the LORD.

Psalm 102:18

How did life–including my own life–originate? And why?  Why am I alive? Why am I the person I am?

I had no control on being created the unique human I am — in fact, if God had preferred otherwise, I might have been born (or hatched) as a grackle! (And the same is true for you!) See “Of Grackles and Gratitude”, ACTS & FACTS (July 2012), posted at

In short, I exist–and you exist–because God chose to make us. It really is that simple–and yet that is not so simple, because Christ (Who is our Maker–see John 1:3) created each of us through our respective family genealogies, with generational details that stretch back to our earliest ancestor whom Christ made on Day 6 of Creation Week!

Life, as we know it (human, or horse, or hadrosaur) can only come from preexisting life.  Life  —  whether human, animal, or anything else  —  is so complicated (just ask a few hemoglobin, nuclear DNA, mitochondrial DNA, and RNA molecules!),   it cannot “invent itself” by random accidents, especially within a physical universe that is governed by the inescapable, ubiquitous law of entropy (a/k/a the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics).

In other words, due to universal entropy, luck plus infinite time never arrive at any form of “life”  —  see “Infinite Time Won’t Rescue Evolution:  Biochemical Entropy Ink Won’t Stop Disintegrating!”,  posted at .

Nothing or no one less than God Himself could invent life, much less all of the forms of life that we see on planet Earth.  Thankfully, God has always existed, and He is the ultimate and infinite LIFE.  So it is not hard for Him to create finite creatures, like us, who have life.  Wow! 

Yet, for that life to be secured for an ever-blessed eternity, a choice to believe in Jesus as Savior must be timely made.  That is the precious promise (and warning) God gave us in John 3:16.

What a good destiny: created and saved by the Lord Jesus Christ, for now and forever!

Meanwhile, we live here, on earth, as God’s representatives to the world, i.e., as “ambassadors for Christ” and as “living epistles” of His truth, both individually and as families (as illustrated by the pictures below, showing my wife and me).

So, once we arrive on planet Earth–thanks to God creating us–the big decision needed is the choice to respond positively to the glorious and generous message of John 3:16–we need to trust in the Lord Jesus Christ, personally, as our Redeemer!

Thankfully, under the evangelistic preaching of Dr. Gilbert Williams, at a small Methodist church’s weekend revival meeting, in rural Maryland* (*my home then is shown below) during November AD1967, as an 11-year-old boy, I happily believed in the Lord Jesus Christ as Savior, confirming my believing acceptance of God’s amazingly generous gift of redemption and forgiveness, as John 3:16 promises.  (See also Luke 10:20.)

It’s been a wonderful journey ever since—with occasional bumps along the way—plus my present journey (of knowing and securely belonging to God, for more than a half-century, because of Christ being my Savior) has the most heavenly and glorious destination at the end of the earthly “ride”!

It’s all thanks to the Lord Jesus Christ being both my personal Creator and my personal Savior!

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