Genesis  is  Not  an  Ancient  Myth  ‘Sanitized’ by Jews

Dr. James J. S. Johnson Sanctify them through thy truth; Thy word is truth.Johns 17:17, quoting the Lord Jesus Christ Genesis  is  Not  an  Ancient  Myth  ‘Sanitized’  by  Jews. Years ago, while teaching night college, a non-Christian student chided me for treating the book of Genesis as true history.   With fake flattery, the sarcastic student … Continue reading Genesis  is  Not  an  Ancient  Myth  ‘Sanitized’ by Jews

Pantheistic Penitents Pray to Plants

Pantheistic Penitents Pray to Plants: Seminarians Plant Idolatry in New York City                               Dr. James J. S. Johnson And even as they did not like to retain [ouk edokimasan, literally “did not approve”] God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a reprobate [adokimon, literally “unapproving”] mind.  (Romans 1:28) Recently some seminary students exhibited … Continue reading Pantheistic Penitents Pray to Plants